My New Year Resolutions

I get a double whammy for the New Year. Not only is it a New Year for Everyone but 3 day’s later on January 4th it’s my birthday.
Christmas time always becomes a contemplative time for. Taking inventory of what and where I am at. These Are my Resolutions for 2018!

Keep going to Church, I love it.I hope the place where you keep visiting the place that makes your soul feel at home too. Enough said!

I love speaking to people in person.
I have found that I’ve got a pretty good pulse on things pop culture, fashion and entertainment industry related.
However, I never talk about it via social media. There is so much information out there that I used to get hesitant on voicing my opinions online. A place that is unforgiving and often times contradicting.
So this year, I’m going to speak out more, acknowledge things a bit better too.

Have you ever wanted to just Dance? Sure you have! I have two left feet so the only dancing I do is when I’m cleaning.
I don’t even ahve a pump-up playlist anymore because 90% of the time I am rushing out to an event from working, taking care of things, etc.
This year I want to take a salsa class or maybe even tango, Have you ever taken a dance class out of your comfort zone? What was it like?

I want to BE THERE more for my friends, more for my loved ones, BE THERE at the party, at the park, when I’m hiking. To look at the tiny details and retain them. Not bulldoze through magical moments, looking for the next entertaining thing. More outdoors, theme parks, weddings, and birthday parties please!

And give the rest back.

Do more chairty work. In 2017 I fostered a dog from a Korean Slaughterhouse. Picked her up from the airport and everything. It was tough, really tough, but now she’s back at the sanctuary and her progress is staying consistent. It’s a dream come true when you get that photo of a pup with a collar, walking on a side walk, when 36 day’s earlier she was afraid to leave one spot in my home.
I realized that I need to be doing more nice things for the greater good. Not the imediate good for unappreciative people.


Less social media, more quality time. No flakes. Only Love.

well, more work ! More writing, acting, blogging and more !


This year I hope to finally apply my vision to this blog to help you, the reader find inspiring lifestyle ideas, up and coming decor, introduce you to new talent, new brands and so much more.
These section’s coming into fruition are my brain child and I can’t wait to assist you in your authentic and creative life!

What are your New Year Resolutions?
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