Priscilla Ford was born in Honolulu Hawaii and raised between Redondo Beach, California and Dania Beach, Florida.

Her parent’s are in the Gem and Jewelry Industry, which had exposed her to multiple cultures and styles growing up.

Her family being multi-cultural itself, was always having clients over from around the globe-trading, designing, collaborating around her family homes.

This gave her a sense of security and upmost faith in the world around her.

In this blog you will find style, artist’s and curators, from different backgrounds around the world and discover new things to be swept away by.

” I want you to live an inspired life we must ‘aspire to inspire before we expire’, we have to make a difference in the way the world operates, and create community “.

And that is exactly what we will be doing here.

Join us on a ride, take us with you and go live your inspired life!

Priscilla is an Actress, currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and runs PriscillaFord.com plus will launching a fantastic E-Commerce Company soon!