The How To's of Taking Care Of Your PF Jewelry

Taking care of your PF Jewelry is super simple, check out our blog post below to keep you jewelry shinning.

Gold Plating: 14k gold may not seem like much, but our rings are not brushed gold, nor sprayed. They are dipped, which is how we get our rings clean and elegant. A few ways that can help you take fewer trips to your nearest jewelry district is as follows:

Avoid washing your hands with the jewelry on. Tempting as it is, simply take your ring off before washing. We all mess up sometimes, so do not panic, the gold wont melt off. However for the purpose of longevity the less washing the better.

That goes for sweating as well. We love our PF rings as much as you do, but it’s okay to leave it in your work-out bag before taking a well deserved spin class.

Store your ring in a dry place. No Sauna’s, No Showers.

Avoid being aggressive when opening up your ring to re-size it. A firm yet gently pull is all that you will need to adjust the size of your ring. Overly bending and tugging could damage your new favorite hand companion.

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